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Bundling cast stretch wrap

We have a sales team that is extremely knowledgable with numerous years in the manufacturing of corrugated, void fill and the stretch film industries. KG is now offering packaging made from biomass-balanced Styropor®.BASF has now succeeded in developing a specialty polyamide that combines the chemical resistance of semi-crystalline polyamides with the high gloss and the depth of view of amorphous plastics.

With our innovative approach, we will continue to offer the highest quality products from leading manufacturers in the packaging industry.Bicycle-sharing commuters around the world will soon experience a more enjoyable ride: ofo, a leading China-based multinational bike sharing company, will make journeys safer and more comfortable thanks to a two-layer tire system made with BASF’s Elastopan® polyurethane (PU).BASF is now expanding its PA (polyamide) range to include a new flame-retardant grade for use in the electronics and electrical engineering sectors.At the disco in Landau, it is now providing a very special kind of aesthetic acoustic experience.BASF has developed an Ultradur® (PBT, polybutylene terephthalate), modified for co-extrusion with PVC, that replaces steel in PVC windows as the stiffening element.

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The Styropor MB used is the first EPS to be produced using BASF’s biomass balance approach.

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