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Chat clipchat girls

Twitter and Facebook are old news to tech savvy teens.New apps and programs for smart phones come out daily.A recent study found that approximately 7% of young people had sent or received sexually explicit photos of each other.Nationally, close to half of the states have passed specific texting laws to try to make sure that these teens aren't labeled felons or sex offenders. The present state of the law in Virginia should be frightening to all teenagers and parents.National and local news outlets reported last week that police charged a 16-year-old Virginia girl with child pornography crimes after police say she posted photos of herself naked on Twitter. City County police received an anonymous tip in late January.Several civilians claim that they can also access Snapchat pictures.

The recipients of these "snaps" can view the picture for 10 seconds.

While this situation is unique in that the prosecution is going after a person sending images of herself, this is not the first prosecution of this kind. a Franklin County, Virginia 15-year-old was charged with 12 counts of child pornography for sexting.

In 2013, three Fairfax teenagers were prosecuted for possession and distribution of child pornography after they filmed themselves engaging in sex acts with teenage girls.

The picture is "hidden" so that the recipient cannot see or share the picture.

Snapchat claims that as of 2012 over a billion pictures have been shared using their software.

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When police officers approached the juvenile she admitted posting racy photographs of herself on her Twitter account.

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