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College dating marriage statistics

To give you some perspective: About 4% of the US population is gay.Think about how many gay people you’ve seen in your life.For example, 11% of modern 25-year-olds have not had premarital sex.

Mike is web software developer by day, and is in school to become a psychologist.That is, they’re more likely to stick to a particular course of action simply because they feel that it’s right.In the general population, the ratio of women-to-men who wait until marriage to have sex seems to be about 60/40 girls-to-guys.That’s something we here at Waiting Till hope to change!Three percent of the US population may seem like a small number, but that represents nearly 10,000,000 waiters-till-marriage.

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there's pressure."For Johnson, early marriage has been nothing but a "fairy tale dream.""People give me gifts that are like kitchen appliances instead of clothes," Johnson says. The study found a moderate correlation between conservatism and marriage rate.