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Do visio visiochat

For most of my life I have had these symptoms: fatigue, shortness of breath, prickling in my fingertips, cold skin, mental fatigue, moodiness and my worst one--hair loss.

I bought good iron pills from the health food store that have multiple support minerals for iron absorption, folic acid, B12, ferrous sulfate (as iron), vitamin C, and chlorophyll.

Within 4 days I was back in hospital, another endoscopy, and another bleeding ulcer clipped. While in the bathroom she ended up on floor and had no idea how she got there and apparently she continued excreting without knowing, and feces were on floor. The disorder was diagnosed as an inability to absorb iron and I get a series of 5 iron infusions about twice a year, depending on the ferritin levels.

A bleeding ulcer was clipped, I was given blood transfusions and sent home. I have always been anemic and unable to take iron supplements due to severe constipation.

I don't crave ice but do suffer with insomnia and can't grow my finger nails as they keep breaking.

I am now on B12 injections at home as well as Procrit.I am so active and healthy I couldn't believe this news, I didn't have the typical symptoms, other than the dark circles under my eyes.I read through all the postings and feel better knowing I can treat this.Once I find out the latest from my CBC I will post if indeed the supplement helped and what it is, exactly. Then when I tried to donate blood at 19, after my first child they told me I was anemic.I have had many of the symptoms here, craving for ice, headaches, easily bruised, fainting, dizziness, rapid temperature changes, ringing in my ears, heart palpitations and hitting my wall daily (my term for 'push through the fatigue then shut down').

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