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To catch the attention of potential customers when you're not online, you can upload as many additional photos to your profile as you want. Your account contains all this information to help you keep track of earnings, payouts, tips, etc. Look at it like this, when you make money, we make money.

You will need: Latest Flash Player installed [if you don't have it, get it here Webcam Microphone, if you don't already have one with your webcam Broadband Connection When do I get paid? When you are doing a great job, that reflects on us so we make sure you are ready and able to do your job properly. We are a legal business entity and are required by the legislation laws of broadcasting online to acquire and keep this information on file at all times. You are an independent contractor and you'll be responsible for taking care of your own taxes. We have gone to great lengths to protect your anonymity and keep you safe. Please click the BIG "BECOME A MODEL" Button Below.

You could actually be in love with someone and yet, lust about another person.

[Read: Threesome sex] Worried that might happen to you? There are quite a few ways to bring the sizzle back in the sack, and costumes and role playing sex is definitely one of the best.

I can now afford to do the things I always wanted to do.

Click here to read the introduction on sexual role play for beginners.

Choosing your characters to role play Choose a character that has always enticed or motivated you, something that gives you a boost of sexual adrenalin, and let your partner choose one that suits them.

But remember, the characters that both of you choose should be able to blend with each other.

The rules of role playing sex Knowing how to role play in the game is the most important part.

Enjoy the game, even if your lover decides to dress up like the Giant Horny Bird or as the Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, just go with the game.

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Be prepared to experience something new, and enjoy yourself.

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