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a place where we hold to hard and fast rules about what games can count, when, or why, etc. This thread is about sharing our personal accomplishments and engaging one another about the games we have played!The only expectation is that you perhaps talk a bit about what you've beaten: What were your thoughts? If you are new to this thread for the year, feel free to jump in any time between now and the end of the year.The firearms are a supplement to the main combat; the SMG can kill one or two people at close range before running out of ammo, while the energy rifle is great for nailing tough enemies at range before they can close.Both you and your enemies are vulnerable to being disarmed, so you need to be prepared when you bust out your gun.

And by enjoy, I mean relish the kind of white knuckle challenge that only Inti Creates ever brought to this franchise, way beyond anything Capcom dared to try. I actually found ZX to be harder than ZX Advent overall, though ZX Advent had a harder beginning.So let's say you have the patience to play this, what does it have to offer besides sadistic difficulty?MMZXA has got seriously nice 2D sprite and background art, very professionally created.Also as with MMZX, you can choose to play as a boy or girl, which slightly alters the plot a bit. The map is actually functional now, despite the "metroidvania" aspects dialed back a bit from the last game.All of this is pretty on par with the first Mega Man ZX though. Although the action-RPG elements are dialed up a bit in comparison.

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