Relife edin cam sex

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Relife edin cam sex

Erie of Leucnax and Lord Devnlie : That forsamekle a.s our traist cousvng and familiar ^enutour, Williame Striuelyng of Gloret. extend- ing ro fyve p\md land of auld extent, wyth the pertinence.

l\o],erruui Bruy:-,s de x Vueiiinbo\^, Thooiam Somerrel nliiiro et heredem apperentem Dauid . T et singulis tlictus Andrearf Mortouu, prolocutor noniineijue prefati Domini Hume, a me notario publico subscripto Ueri petiil -i-niim aut plura, pab Heuin seu publica. Acta evant hec iu preiorio prefaii b;irgi de ttriueling. cum pertinentiid cecidit .vnper u.-ni, rldelicet le sonesvue. betwix the sone rising and the ganging to of the saniyn, in gold and siluer vsuale money of the realme. exceppand the aidis tlire zeris takkis to be kepit to the said Walter Stewart alanerly : And the said Schir Johne sail keipe nyne zeris takkis male fre to Jonet Sn-iueling. sail v.aran«] and apuiis all dcidlc defeii'l tiie saidis laudis and tendis and this our pr-.^^cnt as-ed.i- tioun. .rhe tun'-'ur of the charter of aliena- cioun maid be the said Tm(|Uaile J'-net Kinr-v-s. Clericiun Eocu- loi Tun Registri ac consilii suprc-mi doiuiui uostri Regis, sub meis siguo ct subscriptionc manuaiibus. Co T between Sir Jobn Smueling of the Kcire, Knight, and John Kinross of Kippunros-. tliu said Sehir Jnhiie sail mak and l-'liuvr to tilt; said Julme aue sulliciand letter of reuer.-;ioun ruder his .sole, tliat it sail •■' Icfu U to the said Johne and his airi- to r.deine and taiojuxtc the forenemmit laii'ii.- o US KEi K PAPERS. apone our Lady altar within the cathederall kirk of Dunblane, apon a day. his entre begynnand the day of the out(|uyting, payand thairfor zeirly the sowme of iii pundis xiii schillingis and iiii penneis ilk zeir. be evenly portions alanerly : ^Vnd als the said Johne of Kinross sail mak and deliuer to the said Schir Johne. to wan-and acquet and defend the saidis landis to the i? of all takkis that ony person or poraonis may a.-k or clame uf the f'tsaidis landis of Auchloehy. And we the said IL'nry Abbot and Convent fir-aid and our succcssouris.

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:iud Stile of obligfitiono vsit ^r that can be niaiil.

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