Sedating dogs on flights

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Sedating dogs on flights

Also, the pet must remain in the carrying case throughout the entire flight.

These methods are safe and humane ways to transport your pet. In the cargo system, it is possible to reserve space on a specific flight by paying for either priority or special expedited delivery service. Check with a veterinarian to be sure that your pet is fit to travel.The kennel should have projecting rims or spacers to ensure that the kennel’s ventilation slats cannot be blocked by adjoining kennels or cargo. As far in advance of the trip as possible, let your pet get to know the travel kennel.Appropriate kennels are available at pet stores and from most airlines. Veterinarians recommend leaving it open in the house with an old sock or other familiar object inside, so that your pet will spend time in the kennel.Remember to check with your airline because airline policies can vary. It is important for your dog or cat to be as relaxed as possible during the flight.At the time of travel, be aware that most airlines do not permit pet toys in the kennel during transport in the cargo hold.

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This document is designed to provide general guidelines to assist customers with safely transporting their pets by air.