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The Shinawatras rolled out policies such as universal healthcare, debt relief, loans for start-up business and big rice subsidies for farmers, the latter is the policy which has ended up with Yingluck in court this week. Currently in charge, the military junta say they are simply restoring order after years of protests and deadly political violence.

Meanwhile, Shinawatra supporters say Bangkok's conservative elite, including forces within the palace, have acted simply to protect their monopoly on power.

But three years of repressive junta rule has successfully quashed any widespread opposition to the military for now.

The country's democratic future also looks bleak, with a junta-scripted constitution severely cramping the power of any future elected governments.

The Shinawatra family emerged as a political force in 2001 when billionaire patriarch Thaksin swept to power.

He jump-started the economy and provided the most extensive pro-poor welfare schemes in Thai history.

He remains loathed by the Bangkok royalist elite but cherished by the rural poor. Historically the Shinawatras have been able to mobilise huge crowds of supporters - known as the 'Red Shirts' - to take to the streets when the family's political fortunes have waned.The mother-of-one studied public administration at university and has a masters degree from U. The party was founded in 2008 by her brother, former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who by then was living in exile.That same year, she was elected Thailand's first female Prime Minister, a role she held for three years until the military ousted her government in a coup.'She is definitely no longer here, she is likely in Singapore now,' A senior source in the Shinawatras Pheu Thai party said Friday, adding: 'she left on Wednesday.'The other source, who told CNN the former PM was now in Dubai, supported the idea that she left her country on Wednesday.Thousands of supporters - outnumbered by security forces - had waited from dawn for a glimpse of Thailand's first female prime minister, but she did not show.

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Thailand's ex-prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra is believed have fled to Dubai after disappearing on the day she was due to appear in court to face charges of negligence.

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