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Richard Castle who got his suit dirty just to help her, who's looking at her with the bluest eyes she's ever seen." AU Caskett meeting. Let things crawl on like before, with neither of us admitting what we really want? Three whole months with absolutely no leads and no new evidence. Thought that if she could just get through every day then the next would be better. Kate Beckett was looking to spend the day at the park with her son.After returning from LA, Kate finds Josh has been cheating on her. ""Sliding a finger under the sealed flap, he couldn't help the little flutter of excitement in his chest at the prospect of a surprise." Kate sends Castle on a Christmas trek through Manhattan. Rick Castle was looking to spend the day at the park with his daughter.He hears about the stunning, illustrious Diamond through an exclusive men's club and decides he has to meet the high-end escort for himself. Rick and Kate meet in a book store, but not in the way you'd imagine. Finally Completed :"Whatever my feelings are I respect that Dad chose you and I chose Pi. So different from the image I had in my head about what the perfect boyfriend would be.He's amazed by her hidden depths and floored by the realization that he just might not be man enough to handle her. After a case goes wrong, Kate Beckett experiences an attempted rape. They start to get to know one another and soon find that they both have a lot of things going on that neither expected of the other. Rick and Kate find themselves both recovering from a shooting meant to end her life... Caskett coupling to ensue, but not quite at the beginning. Castle is sick and Beckett breaks into his apartment looking for him. Yet there is something so intriguing about him." Beckett smiled.He wonders how much of it is a pure desire to get justice for Beckett, and how much is a distraction.' AU after s2 finale. Entry for the winter ficathon 2015."Sorry pal but you confessed your undying love to the wrong number... She didn't warn him when she brought her lips to his, didn't hold his hand or touched his face. Starting a family with a stranger is a challenge, it's even harder for Kate who is still trying to pick up the pieces of herself after her mother's death. Will the two give in to the obvious feelings they have when they first meet?

Castle never returned after finding out Kate remembered her shooting. 9 years ago Kate Beckett left New York and her father. After taking the sniper's bullet for Kate, Rick is in the hospital in a coma, leaving Kate in the real world, forced to deal with the repercussions. "He feels it too, that this thing between them, that whatever is holding them back isn't so strong here in this moment. His act of bravery sparks a complicated love with her daughter, and a totally different life and career path for Kate Beckett.

Three Shot showing the effect this has on Kate's life. But she's been in therapy for a while, learning how to crawl back out of the hole that her mother's case tossed her into. Which is how she ended up as a volunteer coach to a soccer team of rowdy munchkins."'New York was bracing for a hurricane and Kate Beckett was terribly ill prepared. (AU after season 6 finale)"His seat-mate is the slip of a woman, all skinny and efficiency-sized." / An AU where Kate and Castle meet where they least expect. Beckett is forced to take two weeks of paid leave, and Castle invites her to the Hamptons with him.

But she was even less prepared to see Richard Castle again after a summer of silence.' Set late in the summer, post season 2."It's her favorite author and of all the people, he came to her rescue. She reluctantly agrees, and starts to discover that her feelings for him are stronger than she was willing to admit.

For her sins legal, his representation falls on her shoulders. Who she's defending doesn't click until she seems him in his jail cell.

*Castle Summer Hiatus 2015 Ficathon Entry*Her eyes are on the window and the two people sitting, laughing, in the warm.

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Will he come back to help the boys try to rescue her and the other police officers? "Beckett is struggling to fight her own demons, to stop hiding behind a facade, to get better for herself and her writer. "She only needed to turn her head and watch his eyes claim every bit of sunlight within them. Longing to find happiness again she returns to New York, and winds up in bed with author Rick Castle. Then, when he wakes up with amnesia, believing he's still married to Gina and with no recollection of have to read to find out. And maybe, if they were alone, she'd drop her walls and let him in."When Special Agent Kate Beckett is offered an interview for a Secret Service position at the White House she didn't know what to expect, but even less than the position as personal protection for the first daughter, she never expected him. Because although Johanna lived, someone out there still wants her dead, and as the years go by, Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are determined to find out who. Kate Beckett is a homicide detective at the 12th precinct.

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