Using craigslist for dating

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Using craigslist for dating

My was just to meet people — because that was also progress. It may take a while, but if that's what you want, meeting a lot of people will very likely get you there.And Craigslist is as good a place as any, if you know how to use it.But I did online dating via Craigslist for probably six years and went on maybe a couple hundred dates. If you want more than a hook-up, don't post under that section (duh). I do have a friend in a long-term relationship where they initially met as a casual encounter. My problem was too many responses, either generic or horribly lonely. So I was found a differentiator to screen as many people as possible out. My sense of who people were from a brief text-only response was very good.If I caught a whiff of misogyny or conventional dating norms from a short email, or if I simply thought we were not alike, I was usually always right.At first I was just messing women I was attracted to. Most would send back a templete response that instructed me to check them out on another website that you had to pay for (spam).I started coming to the conclusion that if something looked to good to be true, it probabaly was.

The only problem is 99% of those sites require a subscription and cost money.So, there you have it: If you would like to post an ad on Craigslist and get approximately zero responses, follow the instructions above.But, in all seriousness, if you do want to date on Craigslist (and I do, actually, recommend it as it is quick, easy, and puts you in front of a huge, new group of prospective boyfriends / girlfriends), just be yourself, use your spell checker, turn off the caps lock, keep it simple, and post a pretty picture of your smiling face. There either people will post events or people looking for activity partners.Then either attend the events and talk to people in attendance. I would suggest the indirect approach of not looking at these people as potential dating partners.

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I wanted to see if any of these site or programs actualy worked.

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