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Well featuring five excellent matches, No Mercy must be the best Smackdown! The only disappointing thing about this was MVP's debut against someone called Marty Garner. Paul London and Brian Kendrick defeated KC James and Aaron Stevens in an amazingly good effort to retain the Tag Team titles.

Results from the show: Matt Hardy defeated Gregory Helms in a thrilling non title match.

Wrestling events are the sole reason why some of us (and that includes you) would ever venture outside of the safety of our own homes.

Kennedy attempted to strike the Undertaker with his microphone, but the microphone suddenly blew up in Kennedy's hand.Towards the end of the match, Lashley tagged in Batista, who ended up pinning Booker for the win after a Spinebuster.Two weeks later on the September 8 edition of Smack Down!Later that night it was announced that Batista would face off against Finlay at No Mercy.Two weeks later on the October 6 edition of Smack Down! , Kennedy called out General Manager Theodore Long, and informed him that if John Cena comes to Smack Down!

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The most personal feud was between Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero.